The last business card that you will ever need. Finally.

With a TapChats Metal card in your wallet you will always,
with just a tap, be able to share your contact, business
and social media details.

How it works


Get your card

Buy your very own, 100% metal NFC and QR code readable TapChats with fast free internationl delivery.


Setup your personal card

Download our app from the App Store or Google Play and setup the card for your needs and details, and change them when you need to.


Tap away

Let other tap your the NFC on your card, or scan the QR for older phones, and share your up to date personal or business info. They don't even need the app to do so.

One product, that lasts a lifetime.

Just download our free app and you have the details of your business card handy all the time. Got a new number? Want to add a website? Got a new social media account? No problem, just update it in the app, and it's live.

Buy Your Card

Why go
for a

Save the planet

Instead of keep printing new businesscards whenever you need to update your information, save the planet and keep only one card that lasts a lifetime.

Support any device

Your new card supports any smartphone device, not only if they have an NFC reader, we have a backup QR on the back of your card.

Fits your wallet

No need to bring a bunch of cards to share with people just so they can trash them afterwards. Keep one card in your wallet, that's it.

Do you have a need for multiple cards?

With TapChats Premium you can have multiple cards under the same simple account. Update each card with individual information and synchronize your business needs.

Buy Card Now

Download the app for free

Click the link below and get directed to the App Store
or Google Play to download the free TapChats app.
You need to app to update the information on your Metal Card.


+1 (707) 593-7433 (SMS only)



1942 Broadway St., STE 314C Boulder CO 80302 US

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